On-Line Registration Only

                Non-refundable Registration Fee:  

                 $50.00 per course        (Payment Plan available)

                  Individual Counseling $50 to register

                  Parenting                      $50 to register

                  Domestic Violence       $50 to register

                  Substance Abuse         $50 to register

                   Co-Parenting                $50 to register   (per  person)

        Submit through PayPal. 

Online Registration

          Register online at:   information.php

           Pay your non-refundable registration fee through PayPal:

           If you want to change your Medi-cal plan to straight Medi-cal or LA  Care or HealthNet:   Call: 1-800-430-4263                  

           *Clients who do not have Medi-Cal pay $50 per session.